SIFT™ Whitepapers

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SIFT™ is a cloud file migration toolset, designed to ensure that files are migrated to the correct cloud locations, and properly tagged with useful metadata. This free download describes the SIFT™ problem space, and our zero-trust solution for migration and monitoring.

SIFT Overview

SIFT™ uses patented OCR pre-processing technology to provides substantially better results than native OCR. Check out our free whitepaper comparing SIFT™ OCR against Google Tesseract.

SIFT vs. Tesseract

SIFT™ deploys easily and quickly on any platform, and integrates with other systems via a RESTful API. Check out this technical overview of SIFT™ architecture and deployment scenarios.

SIFT Technical Specs

SIFT™ natively supports more than two dozen file extensions, including popular Office, Adobe, and picture file formats. And SIFT’s modular design makes adding support for new file types a breeze!

SIFT File Extension Support